a serious partner
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THIB wants to be a serious partner in the industry and therefore puts customer satisfaction, together with safety and integrity first. This means that we want to deliver good solutions to our customers and act honestly and fairly towards those we interact with. Whether it is customers, suppliers, public authorities or others, without compromising our safety routines.

Our workforce constitutes our most invaluable asset, and our paramount concern is ensuring the safe return of each individual to their loved ones every day.


ince our beginning, we have completed over 100 projects, the majority of which have been the construction of commercial buildings for large Norwegian general contractors. The projects have ranged from small extensions to large factories of up to 26,000 square meters. The average projects for THIB are between 2,000 and 3,000 square meters in size and include deliveries of roofs, walls, doors/windows. We are also able to deliver close-build contracts in consultation with our preferred partners. If you want more information about previously completed projects or references, just let us know.

If you are to considering setting up a commercial building or similar, there are more factors than the price per square meter that THIB recommends you to consider. This could, for example, be partial deliveries that are not included in the offer from one company, but may be included in our offer.Furthermore, it is conceivable that certain actors price this in later in the project as an additional service at an abnormally high price. Other factors that may be worth considering are the production time and life cycle costs (LCC).

There may be cases where one supplier is cheaper than others, but the quality of their product is inferior, which may lead to increased cost at a later point, as a result of more frequent replacements. Furthermore, certain suppliers tend to be excessively argumentative which may affect progress and profitability. THIB’s clear recommendation is to take this into account when choosing a roof and facade contractor for your next project. Therefore, choose a player who puts customer satisfaction, together with safety and integrity first.

Industry partners

THIB collaborates with a wide range of actors to deliver commercial buildings of high quality.