Corporate social responsibility

As a recognized roofing and facade contractor in Norway, THIB has a dedicated commitment to social responsibility. We acknowledge that businesses play a significant role in society and have a responsibility to uphold the well-being of both the community and our employees. Therefore, we continuously strive to make a positive difference. Through a range of implemented measures, we take responsibility for our community involvement.

Our employees are the core competence of our business, and at THIB, we value their well-being and welfare. We place great emphasis on creating a safe working environment that prioritizes health, environment, and safety. We offer competitive wages and working conditions in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, often exceeding these standards.

THIB genuinely intends to contribute to our local community by supporting social and cultural initiatives, engaging in volunteer work, and contributing to charitable causes. We aim to be a positive force in the community.

We recognize the significant impact the construction industry has on climate and nature, and therefore, we focus on reducing the negative effects associated with it. Through targeted measures such as energy conservation, waste recycling, the use of renewable materials, and prefabricated elements, we take our share of responsibility for sustainable development.

Integrity is a fundamental value at THIB. We commit to ethical and transparent business practices by complying with laws and regulations and avoiding corruption and bribery. We continuously work to maintain our integrity and preserve the trust of our customers and partners.

THIB takes pride in taking social responsibility seriously, and we will continue to strive to make a positive difference for our employees, the local community, the environment, and society as a whole. Through our dedication and commitment, we aim to lay the foundation for a sustainable future and contribute to a better society.